Elk Jerky

Premium Elk Jerky Treats for dogs are a healthy, low-fat, high-protein treat that provides long lasting chewing satisfaction. Our 100% natural, all-meat Elk Jerky contains no artificial ingredients or preservatives. Elk Jerky chews are a nutritious complement to raw food diets or for pets with allergies to traditional protein sources. They are ideal as training treats, for fussy eaters, or older dogs that need a softer chew. Your dog will find the tantalizing flavor irresistible.

Our Elk Jerky treats are sourced from low-fat, human-grade elk meat. They’re made and packaged in the USA.

USDA certified and inspected.


As with all chew treats, veterinarians strongly recommend supervising your pet the entire time they are chewing. Dispose of any small pieces to prevent swallowing. Always supply your pets with fresh water.

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Elk Jerky | 7″, 6 pk813471012713031SUS-0001-6PK
Elk Jerky | 7″, 12 pk813471012720031SUS-0001-12PK
Please note: Due to the nature of natural products, all sizes are approximate and actual size may vary.
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