EZ-Med Pill Holes

The EZ-Med Pill Holes are designed with an easy concept of hiding pet pills in the center and pinching off both ends to seal. The tantalizing aroma and flavor help hide the undesirable odor and taste of your pet’s pills, making it easier to administer your dog his medicine. No Mess – No Stress for both you and your pet during their regimen of medicine prescribed by their veterinarian. Any EZ-Med pill holes left when your pet’s treatment is completed, no worries as the pill holes also make a great low calorie soft chew treat! If you feel the pill hole is to large the open center allows you to split in half conveniently and still pinch shut to seal.

EZ-Med Pill Holes have approximately 14 kcal per pill hole

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Storage: Store tightly sealed in a cool, dry place to ensure freshness
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